The long-awaited poster presentation…

At the very beginning of this programme, Professor Jeromin informed us that the assessment for the summer courses would be done through a poster presentation, instead of a typical written exam. So during the excursion, we were asked to form groups of two (we had to pair up with a partner from a different country) and choose a topic related to the subjects taught or our trips. This subject had to be summarized in a poster, following a template that Jessica had sent us. This proved to be very interesting as we also had to use what we learned in our classes and excursions to describe and compare with the situation in our respective countries. The most challenging part was that the poster had to be written in German!

On Wednesday 3rd August, instead of classes we had the day “free” to prepare our poster. We all opted to stay at the hotel and prepare our posters as well as our speeches (fortunately, in English!). The hotel lobby/bar became our study room for a whole day (and night!). Working together and helping out each other made us appreciate more the cultures of the different countries of the ISU participants.

In the morning of the long-awaited day, 4th August, we had a German class where we could ask for some help from the teachers with the German texts on our posters. At the end of the class, Jessica came in to take a soft copy of our posters for printing them.

After lunch, we all had a short nap time in the café of building C10 (since everyone stayed up late the previous night). It had a complete wing full of big couches, inviting us to lay down and have a nap. Ana, instead of napping, enjoyed snapping fun pictures of us and she even recorded Aidan snoring!


Rahman relaxing

Rahman chilling out!

These made us laugh so much that we could head in a joyous mood to the “Haus der Energie” building where the presentations were to be held. The stress of the presentation was gone! Professor Jeromin, Jessica, Mona and Ahmed were already waiting for us there. Unfortunately, the other professors could not make it on that day. Each group came in front of the class and presented their work. Although we were nervous, we encouraged each other by cheering before and after each presentations. Professor Jeromin assessed our work and after each presentation, he would ask some thought-provoking questions to the group.

The topics chosen where really interesting: the comparison of the current situation of renewable energies in our countries, an analysis on the smart heating in Germany and possible smart cooling solutions for hot countries (like Mauritius and Mexico!), the technological, economical and social situation of electric vehicles, a comparison on the diverse Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and even a hypothetical sizing for the land surface required by wind turbines in the US (Rodeo stepped in and performed some calculations on the board in front of everyone) !

We finally did it! Even though professor Jeromin told us that he will inform us of our marks the following week (he wanted to study the posters and discuss with Professor Zahout-Heil before grading our work), he assured us that we all did a great job. We were very proud of ourselves – after all we worked hard for it!

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