Weekend trip #3: Wiesbaden – the Capital of Hessen!

On Saturday 5th August, we got the chance to visit Wiesbaden, the capital of the state of Hessen. Together with our ISU student assistant Mona Ahlheim, we met in the lobby and then took the bus to Wiesbaden. Once we arrived there, a building with a big clock on its front side, caught our eyes. A sign next to the cuckoo clock stated that what had grabbed our attention was actually the biggest cuckoo clock in all of Europe! After taking some pictures, we could take a stroll on the outside of the market church. We quickly grabbed some coffee at the market place before meeting our English-speaking guide for a guided tour through the state parliament.

Cuckoo Clock

The famous Cuckoo Clock

The former palace, which by its exterior architectural design didn’t look like a palace at all but rather like a citizen center, left us stunned once we found out what was kept behind the dark greyish walls. Besides traditional furniture and statues from the classicism and huge chandeliers which we of course used as nice photo motifs, we also visited the newer part of the palace which included the state parliament: the hall where the different political parties meet and discuss political issues. It was interesting to hear the history of the building as well as to get information about the political system in Germany.

After having a nice lunch break at an Asian restaurant, we continued our excursion in Wiesbaden by taking the so called “Thermine”, a special cute little old-fashioned train, to see the sights of Wiesbaden and to get to know more about the area. Unfortunately, we all had to squeeze in a small wagon as more people joined the tour than expected. Add to that, the tour was in German… Although we could not totally understand what the guide was saying during the trip, we definitely enjoyed the 50 minutes-drive through this beautiful city: the view from the top of the “Neroberg” hill onto the high society of Wiesbaden was totally worth it!

The last 3 hours of the day were “free time” which we used to get some souvenirs for our families back home or to have some nice German or better to say Italian ice cream before travelling back to Darmstadt by bus at 6pm.

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