The closing ceremony

The reward time! Indeed, the last day of this fascinating programme was dedicated to us. We were all well-dressed for this very important event; Greg and Alnardo even followed their country’s custom of wearing the traditional Batik shirt on Fridays. Ahmad accompanied us from the hotel to the university guest house, where the closing ceremony was held. Arriving there, we were greeted by Professor Jeromin, Professor Zahout-Heil and Jessica who were fixing up each of our poster presentations at the entrance of the building for the eminent guests to see; the mayor of Darmstadt, Jochen Partsch and the h_da President, Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Ralph Stengler. Two journalists and Dr. Hein were also present to celebrate with us.

Newspaper cutting

We appeared in the Darmstadter Echo the next day!

The ceremony started by a video presentation made by Jessica who managed to capture some fun memories of our journey in Germany and successfully conveyed our excitement throughout this programme. Sheyna and Ana were asked to give a short presentation of our impressions on this programme but they actually called the whole group on stage to say a few words on their experience in Germany: each of us shared our feelings and all the words gathered were fixed on the white board.

We were 19 students from 10 different countries with 1 goal and we unanimously agreed that the 28 days spent in Germany will remain as some of the best days of our life.

Our impressions

Our impressions of Germany

To give a glimpse of the difference between the culture in Germany and that in our countries, Greg and Alnardo gave a power-point presentation on life in Indonesia. We were then addressed by the Mayor, who was really moved by our presentation. His speech was deeply touching as he even said that we now form part of the h_da family. The h_da president also made us feel special by assuring us that he shall remember us if ever he visits our universities or if we ever come back. Professor Jeromin proudly explained how we worked hard on our poster presentations and how we actively participated in all the activities during the programme. Last but not least, we were each finally awarded our certificates by the Mayor and we were congratulated personally by each of the guests present. That was a great honour! We were all satisfied and happy with what we have achieved.

In the evening, the originally planned barbecue party to be held at the guesthouse was cancelled due to the bad weather. However, the professors and Jessica invited us to the Grohe Brauerei where we had a sumptuous dinner and some final Maß!

We felt heart broken to think that it was our last day together but we know that we have made lifetime friends. What is more, we actually did achieve what we came here looking for; we discovered new techniques regarding renewable energies, because we want to make a meaningful change as future professionals, and we got to live the German culture in a friendly environment. As the Mayor of Darmstadt pointed out earlier in the closing ceremony, ISU Darmstadt 2017 has thus been summarized by ourselves in two words: Energiewende and Prost.



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